PODCAST Succession Stories: The Human Side of M&A Deals

Did you know that 80% of mergers and acquisitions fail? An often overlooked yet critical aspect of M&A deals and transitions is the people factor. Jennifer Fondrevay, Founder of Day1 Ready, advises senior executives on how to plan for expected challenges. Listen in as Laurie Barkman talks with Jennifer about the emotional aspect of business transition, and how those emotions come into play for a newly merged organization. If you’re anticipating a company transition in your future, listen in to learn more about how strategies around the human factor can drive greater success in M&A deals.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • What to anticipate from your workforce when you announce an M&A deal
  • Three key things to consider when buying or selling a business
  • Benefits of a human capital-centric approach to M&A
  • How to build confidence and synergy among different parties involved during a transition

PODCAST: An Expert Conversation on Mergers & Acquisitions

Theresa Caragol, Founder and CEO of AchieveUnite, recently sat down with Mergers & Acquisitions expert and AchieveUnite Expert Community Member Jennifer Fondrevay to discuss the top considerations for technology companies to keep in mind as they undergo M&As.

In this episode, you’ll also learn why M&As fail, and you’ll walk away with relevant insights and best practices to help you successfully lead your employees, customers, and partner ecosystem through an M&A.

PODCAST: Why Employee Integration Is A Critical Aspect Of M&A

Integration of employees is such a critical aspect of any M&A transaction, yet most entrepreneurs spend too little time planning for and executing this element. The planning for this phase should start the moment you decide you’re going to pursue an acquisition, not when you’re already in due diligence. My guest, Jennifer Fondrevay, is an expert in the human capital aspect of M&A transactions. She’s personally been part of several large M&A transactions and has seen firsthand how the human capital piece can sour an entire deal.

Jennifer shares key insights on the most overlooked aspects of integrating people, best practices for handling human capital and how COVID has changed the landscape and the challenges it presents in truly analyzing this part of any deal. Jennifer is engaging forthrightly in her advice which comes from firsthand experience.

Read the full transcript here.

PDOCAST: Don’t Rest on Your Past Success

Jennifer joins Tammy Gooler Loeb on Work From the Inside Out.

Jennifer Fondrevay told me something that I have never before heard from a guest. As a young child, she wanted to become the Ambassador to France and even more remarkably she continued to have that goal throughout her college years into graduate school. Jennifer’s father is French and her grandmother lived with them until she was three years old, so she learned French first, English second. She majored in French and political science undergrad and then continued with her graduate studies at the Thunderbird School Of Global Management where she studied international business, specializing in marketing and advertising. Jennifer figured if the ambassadorship didn’t materialize, her fallback plan was in marketing or advertising. It appears to have worked out extremely well, although Jennifer’s Dad still hopes that she’ll pursue the diplomacy route one day.

In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about Jennifer’s journey: 

  • When her Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, “After a Merger, Don’t Let “Us vs. Them” Thinking Ruin the Company” went viral, Jennifer recognized the power and interest in a human-centric approach to business transformation, where employees are at the heart of the change. 
  • In addition to HBR, Jennifer also shares her expertise as a contributor to Fast Company, Inc, Thrive Global, and Forbes.

PODCAST: Using Your Survival Experiences

I was interviewed on the podcast, GOING SOLO: Building Your Own Successful Business After a Late Career Job Loss. Listen to host David Shriner-Cahn and me discuss strategies for listening for important clues about gaps in the marketplace LISTEN HERE

We discuss:

  • The people challenges of Mergers & Acquisitions [03:29]
  • A premortem: getting all senior leaders on the same page [07:50]
  • Taking into account the future that employees envision for themselves [09:48]
  • The stages that employees go through during a merger [12:05]
  • How to let go of past achievements and pivot how you can contribute to the future [15:30]
  • The part about Mergers & Acquisitions no one’s talking about [18:04]
  • If you’re passion about it, that can make you a force for good [20:58]
  • Drilling down on a niche [22:51]
  • Why you need to be a good consultant [24:27]


December 3, 2020


https://www.middlemarketcenter.org/podcasts/the-pandemic-playbookLeaning on her deep understanding of companies in transition, Jennifer Fondrevay joins Doug Farren and the National Center for the Middle Market to share what business leaders have done to lead their organizations through COVID-19 and the uncertainty of 2020, and how these lessons can help others grow.


November 2020


Companies around the globe are increasingly pursuing M&A as a growth strategy. Odds are, at some point in your career, your company will be one of them. Jennifer J. Fondrevay and Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO of soluntionz INNOVATIONS, discuss how Jennifer’s book helps those in the middle of it all, from C-suite executives to team leaders and players, come out stronger on the other side to help their companies do the same.