Podcast: Unveiling Women’s Superpowers in M&A

Jennifer & podcast host Natalie Benamou discuss the powerful roles that intuition, empathy, and emotional intelligence play in M&A success.

Jennifer recounts her eye-opening experience interviewing over 60 CEOs and discusses how women can transform the M&A landscape by leveraging their unique skills. Get inspired by real-life stories of female M&A professionals who have become trusted advisors by tapping into their foresight and emotional intelligence. 

Jennifer also offers actionable advice for women aspiring to board roles, emphasizing the importance of human capital management and the often-overlooked process of re-interviewing for jobs post-acquisition.

Explore how women’s intuition, empathy, and foresight can reveal unseen factors, foster open communication, and anticipate future challenges in M&A. Jennifer shares a compelling story about a woman who kept a deal on track by minimizing ego conflicts and discusses the importance of having allies in the boardroom.

Discover the intricate interplay between data-driven decisions and cultural alignment in M&A. Jennifer highlights the often-underappreciated superpowers women bring to the table, such as intuition and emotional intelligence, and provides actionable advice for women seeking board roles. Jennifer also touches on the critical aspect of re-interviewing for jobs post-acquisition and its impact on employee morale.