Speaker · Author · Chief Humanity Officer


Speaker · Author · Chief Humanity Officer


An Interactive Keynote Experience

Smart and talented people can easily lose focus
and even doubt their value when the future becomes unclear.

EMBRACE UNCERTAINTY is for leaders and change makers looking to own their future and who possess a deep desire to be their best in a world drowning in uncertainty and constant change.


LIE #1:  Uncertainty is simply something we have to deal with.
LIE #2:  I have little or no control in the face of uncertainty and constant change.
LIE #3:  I should be able to figure out how to navigate uncertainty on my own.

The lies we tell ourselves halt our ability to move forward.

When we let the grip of uncertainty paralyze us,
we question our value and wonder what we have to contribute.

The unintended loss:
we don’t even realize we have allowed others to determine our worth


"Having us go through our talents from others perspective as well as our own perspective was a great and really positive exercise."

Lisa Lietz-Ray

Senior Associate

Laffey, Sebranek, Auby & Ristau

"Jennifer's talk was one of the highest rated sessions of our event. Jennifer was very relatable, engaging and left our attendees with tangible, actionable takeaways. I strongly recommend her for your next event!"

Sho Shanker

R&D Manager, CDW

Embrace Uncertainty, Create Opportunity 
 An Interactive Keynote Experience

Relatable, Relevant, Real.

Whether an intimate talk with 30 or a global audience of thousands, Jennifer’s conversational, relatable style opens people’s hearts and minds to new possibilities. By sharing her journey battling uncertainty, Jennifer creates a “safe haven” to transform our innermost fears into energy with forward momentum.

She brings her humanity to the stage and a sublime ability to see the challenges of everyday life as building blocks for our future.


Creating opportunities requires navigating embracing uncertainty.

Future is Yours

Jennifer’s T.E.A. Framework provides a proven process to take back your future. By shifting your energy from fear of the unknown to focus on what you can control, you will begin to see and create opportunities. Uncertainty becomes your ally, not your enemy.

Forward Momentum

Most people define themselves by their past successes and failures. Jennifer shares how she let go of what previously defined her. Through her colorful stories and thought-provoking activities, she shares how she made this discovery to give you the courage and confidence to move forward.

Greater Certainty

Our brains crave certainty as a way to avoid pain and stress. Jennifer guides you on how to create greater certainty by knowing your value, regardless of the circumstances. Today’s the day to begin owning who you are.

“Resilience remains a hot topic because so many people continue to fight uncertainty. Resiliency comes when you shift your energy from fighting and start embracing uncertainty.

Book Mockup

Mergers and Acquisitions create a tsunami of uncertainty for any business. Jennifer turned her experience leading global teams through three multibillion-dollar M&A deals, into a best-selling guidebook for leaders around the world.

"I liked how the presentation was both broad and required me to take a broader view, but also concrete with sensible, realistic action steps."

Catherine Allen


Quaries & Brady LLP

"Jennifer led our group of women through a dynamic and insightful series of exercises that provided clear paths to personal and institutional success. It’s so foundational, but
I really appreciated the message regarding moving forward."

Sarah Doerr

Attorney & Shareholder, Moss & Barnett

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