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Business transitions are never easy.

Whether pursuing a merger, acquisition or any business transformation, you want motivated, focused, and aligned employees all pulling in the same direction.

Too often this is not the case because planning for the “people challenges” is not a priority.

The truth is, transitions don’t just change the business, they change the story for the people within it.
Jennifer J. Fondrevay addresses the people challenges of transitions.

She prepares leadership and organizations for what’s to come and the framework needed to get your workforce onboard and motivated.

Where are you in the process of your business transition?


“I found Jennifer’s message on humanity and resilience in the face of corporate change, to be empowering. As a securities litigator often in cases where the parties are emotionally charged, the skill of being able to connect with people on a humanity-based level is critical. Jennifer's role as an educator of this skill transcends the corporate M&A world. I hope she continues to share her message with others in this age of high-speed internet, tweeting, and social media interaction.”

Jonah Toleno // Partner at Shustak Reynolds & Partners, P.C.

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NOW WHAT? A Survivor's Guide for Thriving Through Mergers & Acquisitions

All people work better with their chins up and their backs straight. So the real question is - How do we execute an M&A deal that doesn’t bring them to their knees?

Mark Bonchek

"Jennifer Fondrevay has created an indispensable handbook for anyone navigating corporate change. She writes from experience with compassion, wit, and insight. NOW WHAT? is equal parts humor (think The Office), drama (think Game of Thrones), and inspiration (think Eat, Pray, Love).

If you are facing the emotional and political tsunami of corporate change, NOW WHAT? is your lifeboat to get your bearings, stay afloat and make it to shore with your job, dignity, and sanity intact.”

Mark Bonchek, PhD, CEO (Chief Epiphany Officer), Shift Thinking

Workplace change brings out both 'birds and beasts':
Which one are you battling?

Take the Cast of Change Characters Quiz and find out which type you work with (or are) and learn how to work with them.

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a masterful presenter whose message is so simple and highly compelling...

“Jennifer Fondrevay is the real deal — a masterful presenter whose message is so simple and highly compelling. Her passion to really help those in business to be better, smarter decision-makers but equally more engaged employees was refreshing. I left inspired.”

Catherine Conroy // Director of Marketing, Panduit 

Audiences get valuable takeways, both for in-person and virtual programs

“Jennifer has been a guest speaker at both physical and online events for IR Global, presenting to a global audience of lawyers, M&A advisers and other transactional support advisers from all over the globe. On each occasion, we have been delighted and the audience feedback has been outstanding. I can highly recommend her professional approach, quality of communication and clarity of message and most importantly, her ability to provide valuable takeaways for participants.”

Tom Wheeler // Founder, IR Global, Sinchi 

about jennifer j. fondrevay

Jennifer J. Fondrevay is the Founder of Day1 Ready™, a consultancy that advises forward-thinking business leaders, owners, and C-Suite executives on how to prepare for the human capital challenges of M&A. As a Fortune 500 C-Suite “survivor” of three multibillion-dollar acquisitions, Jennifer has been on all sides of the deal equation. She saw countless growth strategies fail due to a workforce that couldn’t pivot and adapt as quickly as leadership anticipated.

When her Harvard Business Review (HBR) article “After a Merger, Don’t Let “Us vs. Them” Thinking Ruin the Company” went viral, Jennifer recognized the power and interest in a human-centric approach to business transformation, where employees are at the heart of the change. She shares her expertise as a contributor to: Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Thrive Global, American Marketing Association, Middle Market Growth; and as a frequent podcast guest and keynote speaker for HR conferences, associations, and Fortune 500 companies.

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