Accelerating productivity

in mergers and acquisitions

by redefining Day1

By tapping the Power of Humanity
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The Day1 Ready™ methodology is rooted in a critical truth: Day1 is not the day you announce an M&A, it’s the day you first consider one. The moment you start thinking about M&A as a growth strategy, your behavior begins to change. You now evaluate everything through a possible M&A lens. Senior leaders and your workforce notice the difference. Your deal success has already been influenced.

The Day1 Ready™ approach redefines the Day1 starting line and prepares you for the three phases of your M&A journey from there. Across each phase, Jennifer offers insightful solutions designed to prepare your organization for what’s to come and the framework you need to manage and support the people at the heart of your M&A.

Day1 Ready™

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Jennifer’s Day1 Ready™ approach prepares the people in your organization for M&A and paves the way for success by delivering:

  • Less productivity drop on the frontend
  • Improved performance on the backend

M&A success starts with a smarter, thoughtful integration plan beginning Day1 and focused on people.

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Jennifer Fondrevay assists organizations and workforces that are going through a major transition, be it from corporate restructure, reorganization, merger, or acquisition. Disruption is the new norm in business, and with change usually comes fear. Jennifer’s experience and insight is critical in helping a company and its employees see past the fear and recognize the innate opportunities that come from change.Organizations typically hire Jennifer for a combination of a keynote speech and related workshops. The length of workshops is flexible, and can range from a half-day on-site visit, to customized multiday training sessions.

Interpreting business objectives for teams and individuals
Jennifer is an instrumental third-party advisor who listens to and interprets the needs and desires of both company and employee. In working directly with the employees who are presented with a new company message, she helps them decipher what it means for them, navigates them through the transition stages, and helps them become a productive contributor to the new vision as soon as possible.Optimizing internal communications and critical conversations for clients and managers
Jennifer works with leaders to identify the key messages that need to be communicated by the company, how best to communicate them, and most importantly, how to support the managers and their teams through what can be a tumultuous time of transition.

Team and individual self-assessments necessary to becoming key contributors
Jennifer can be an invaluable resource in the first critical 30 days after a major change announcement. With any shift in direction comes a variety of emotions. Jennifer works with teams and individuals to help identify specific actions necessary for bridging the gap between where they are now and where key contributors are expected to be in the future.

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Catherine Conroy

“Jennifer Fondrevay is the real deal — a masterful presenter whose message is so simple and highly compelling. Her passion to really help those in business to be better, smarter decision-makers but equally more engaged employees was refreshing. I left inspired.”

Catherine Conroy
Director of Marketing, Panduit

Ashley Poulin

“SharpHeels needed a dynamic speaker to kick off our 10-city tour and we found that speaker with Jennifer Fondrevay! She nimbly managed multiple roles, playing Mistress of Ceremonies and panel moderator, while delivering an inspiring workshop that kept our female attendees engaged and wanting more. I would highly recommend nabbing Jennifer now!”

Ashley Poulin
Founder/CEO, SharpHeels

From working with a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and small businesses, she has seen countless growth strategies fall short because a workforce cannot pivot to adapt to change as effectively as leadership anticipated. In hindsight, it’s easy to see why people strategies broke down, but by then it’s too late to intervene.

Fondrevay is the organizational transformation guru companies need to keep their growth strategies on track. While data is increasingly used to guide business decisions, Fondrevay helps ensure the human component of a company’s plan, such as culture, productivity, and retention remains a cornerstone of success during times of change rather than an inhibitor. Serving as an advisor to senior leadership and a liaison to middle managers, Fondrevay is a much-needed resource who guides companies safely through unfamiliar waters.


Jennifer Fondrevay is adept at shining the spotlight on the power of humanity in business. Her presentations help organizations realize the opportunity for greater engagement by uncovering the power of their workforce and inspiring people to contribute their best, particularly in times of change. Her message of tapping into and cultivating the human side of business is relevant for leaders and employees at every level, in every industry.

Jennifer is experienced in delivering keynotes to large audiences, hosting conference panels, and conducting team workshops. Presentations can be customized to fit desired needs and objectives.

Managing through Disruption:

Navigating, surviving and thriving through corporate change

People say change is one of the only things you can count on in this world, but that doesn’t make it any easier to handle. Going through a reorganization, consolidation, restructuring, or M&A can cause boatloads of disruption in the workplace and leave people feeling confused and discouraged. In this much-needed keynote, Jennifer Fondrevay sheds light on the advantages that come from disruption. When teams are feeling lost and unsure of what to expect in their new roles, Jennifer helps explain how to seize new opportunities and thrive through corporate change.

Key Learning Points

  • Identifying and navigating the post-announcement transition stages
  • Understanding how various personalities respond to change
  • Improving communication with colleagues who are experiencing workplace stress
  • Assessing the requirements for your success in a new role and pivoting to achieve new goals

Karen Davis

“Jennifer’s mission and message, to rediscover the humanity in business, comes at a critical time. She knows what it takes to drive business forward, yet reminds us of what it means to be a human being at work. Inspiring her audience to take action, business leaders would be smart to engage Jennifer!”

Karen Davis
Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

The Leadership Imperative:

Cultivating the human point of view in an era of data-driven decision-making

Business as we know it has entered the world of big data where numbers are readily available to guide our every move. While data is invaluable for making decisions, it can be easy to lean on it like a crutch, letting intuition fall by the wayside. In this engaging keynote, Jennifer Fondrevay demonstrates the power of gut instinct in decision-making. Human beings may not have the computing power of software programs, algorithms, or robots, but intuition (or inner wisdom) should never be underestimated, especially in business.

Key Learning Points

  • Overcoming obstacles in today’s decision-making process
  • Understanding the valuable role gut instinct plays in making decisions
  • Cultivating the human point of view as part of the decision-making process; tips for self-improvement and tips for guiding teams

Dan Dulik

“Train your brain to listen to your gut!”- I loved that idea! Jennifer’s presentation was highly persuasive and thanks to her interactive exercise, I made an important business decision that day, which I had long delayed.”

Dan Dulik
Vice President Marketing, L2T Media

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As a Chief Humanity Officer, Jennifer is obsessed with helping companies, their workforces and individuals navigate our data-driven, mergers and acquisition era, by helping them tap into the human side of business.
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Thanks to the drumbeat of mergers, acquisitions and corporate takeovers, business management ranks are constantly changing. Yet despite making these changes to ultimately kick start growth and success, studies show that 70% – 90% of M&A deals fail.

Chances are, you’ve experienced this firsthand. Millions of people experience a merger or acquisition each year. Acquisition frustration happens to everyone regardless of rank, department, or whether you were part of a small, large or family-owned business. At some point, the same stuff happens to everyone.

Having been on all sides of the M&A equation, Jennifer Fondrevay sheds much-needed light on navigating a rapidly changing work environment through her speaking engagements and soon to be published book NOW WHAT? A survivor’s guide for navigating and thriving through acquisition”. The book is an invaluable field guide for navigating the “what-the-hell-just-happened and what-does-it-all-mean” confusion on both sides of the M&A deal.

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