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The truth is, an M&A deal doesn’t just change the business... It changes the story for the people within it.

My work is about changing that story for the better.

M&A can be an exciting, profitable, and positive arrangement. But when the people piece isn’t addressed, their mission - along with their job motivation - is hijacked and replaced with debilitating questions: Do I still have a job? What is my role? Will my team stay together? Are my projects still relevant? Am I still relevant?

All people work better with their chins up and their backs straight.

So the real question is - 
How do we execute an M&A deal that doesn’t bring them to their knees?

I can help you find the answers.

Keynote and Workshop Topics

Now What?
A Survivor's Guide for Thriving
through Mergers and Acquisitions

Managing Through Disruption:
Navigating, Surviving and Thriving through Constant Corporate Change

Eliminate an Uncertain Future:
Know What Makes You Valuable

Learning Objectives and Takeaways

  • Top three leadership traits required to lead teams through change and uncertainty.
  • Tactics for frontline leaders to motivate their teams and maintain productivity, while creating an encouraging
    employee experience.
  • Techniques to navigate the emotions brought on by massive change and disruption.
  • Insights on behavior and personality changes that emerge when fear is the operative emotion.
  • A “survive and thrive” game plan to cultivate the right mindset when the metrics for success keep changing
  • The challenges all organizational transitions, from M&A to digital transformation, have in common and how to prepare for them.
  • Why “us vs. them” thinking can undermine the success of your M&A deal and cost millions – and how to build the trust needed to stop it.
  • Critical steps to avoid losing momentum, money, and talent in the important early stages.
  • Key touch points to leverage for an employee experience that empowers employees to navigate the new normal of constant change.

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