Podcast: Reframe & Reset Your Career

How can you turn things round if you encounter difficulties when leading a new team? Jennifer & Harsha Boralessa discussed how she dealt with this potentially tricky situation on the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about potential strategies for navigating the uncertainty, disruption and fear that comes from mergers, acquisitions and other business transformation. 

“What they wanted to know is how was I going to help them in the present moment, right? They hadn’t had a leader in a year and … I worked that much harder to see how can I help this team? What value do I bring to this team? It’s not about what I’ve done in the past, but it’s what I can do now to help them in the future, moving forward. It made me work so much harder … it was about what I could do to contribute to their future.” ~Jennifer J. Fondrevay