Podcast: Death of a Workaholic | Know Your Worth

Jennifer joined Jenny Lynne to talk about being valued and recognized at work, what is your own personal value, and how serving others is part of her journey. Hear the full podcast here.

Key Takeaways

  • You do have to work hard to achieve success, but you also have to find a balance that works for you.
  • Finding purpose and value in your own work requires a willingness to let go of distractions and noise.
  • If you’re feeling unsure of how to make a change in your life, focus on the mark you want to leave behind. What is your purpose in your work?

Key Moments
{03:51} “I think I just got into my head at that point. You gotta always be working at this, like you can never let up.”

{05:53} “But it came from that really painful moment of realizing I was exhausting myself and no one was caring.”

{10:05} “You become less fixated on holding onto the past because you’re okay with the future, you know your value. So anything that comes your way, you got it. You’re good.”

{21:28} “I remember just saying to my husband,  I don’t want my obituary to say, you know, ‘oh, she was a great chief marketing officer,’ right? I thought, man, if my legacy was about helping businesses do better by their people and to improve the success rate, that could be something I’d be proud of.”