PODCAST: What Now? How M&A Can Impact Your Zero to Ten Journey

The whole transition process of mergers and acquisitions could really be painstaking, especially for employees who are worried of what’s to come next for them out of the M&A deal. In this scenario, it helps to assume the worst so you can be in line with the mentality of your workforce to get them onboard and motivated.

If you fail to effectively communicate what you really want to do and where you aim to go with your mergers and acquisitions deal, the new setup that you’re going to be dealing with is surely to take its toll on you.

Join host Brett Trainor as he and Jennifer discuss:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. Going through an M&A is a matter of when [04:10]
  3. What CEOs need to prepare for during M&A [06:00]
  4. Power and influence of culture in an M&A [09:59]
  5. Dealing with the new reality of the workforce [11:47]
  6. How to avoid becoming a “former rock star” [15:37]
  7. Being crystal clear when approaching the deal [18:07]
  8. Premortem Exercises – Scenario Planning [20:19]
  9. The challenge of giving up old ways [25:32]
  10. Overcommunication as a key to a successful M&A transition [28:44]
  11. Trends in the new normal set-up of businesses [31:18]
  12. Jennifer’s piece of advice to fellow workaholics [36:33]