PODCAST: Using Your Survival Experiences

I was interviewed on the podcast, GOING SOLO: Building Your Own Successful Business After a Late Career Job Loss. Listen to host David Shriner-Cahn and me discuss strategies for listening for important clues about gaps in the marketplace LISTEN HERE

We discuss:

  • The people challenges of Mergers & Acquisitions [03:29]
  • A premortem: getting all senior leaders on the same page [07:50]
  • Taking into account the future that employees envision for themselves [09:48]
  • The stages that employees go through during a merger [12:05]
  • How to let go of past achievements and pivot how you can contribute to the future [15:30]
  • The part about Mergers & Acquisitions no one’s talking about [18:04]
  • If you’re passion about it, that can make you a force for good [20:58]
  • Drilling down on a niche [22:51]
  • Why you need to be a good consultant [24:27]