Jennifer recently spoke with Ridgely Dunn at about her unique Transformation Story.

When life hands you disruption, sometimes you run and sometimes you hide — and sometimes you stop to create brilliant solutions not just for yourself but for others. That’s pretty much how Jennifer Fondrevay rolls, and we’re delighted to share her Transformation Story today with you.

Before the life of an entrepreneur, Jennifer Fondrevay was a Fortune 500 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) responsible for hundreds of employees and executive relationships alongside business success expectations. Following three significant M&A (Merger and Acquisition) experiences where large companies with differing cultures and values were forced to integrate (and she and others risked redundancy), Jennifer recognized the importance of a human-centric approach to business transformation, where employees are at the heart of the change. 

Her original observations inspired her to write an article featured in Harvard Business Review, After a Merger, Don’t Let “Us vs. Them” Thinking Ruin the Company, which was received so well that it led to the creation of Jennifer’s first book and the launch of a professional speaking and business consultancy called Day1Ready.  

In her best selling book “Now What? A Survivor’s Guide for Thriving Through Mergers & Acquisitions”, Jennifer helps leaders and team members navigate the stages of change and identify the personality types and behaviors that can make or break an organization in transition. In addition to consulting, she is a frequent contributor to Forbes, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Inc, Thrive Global, and American Marketing Association; a podcast guest and keynote speaker for HR conferences, associations and Fortune 500 companies.

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