ACG Toronto Capital Connection 2021

Can You Afford to Have Former Rock Stars in Your Post M&A Deal?

In this insightful session for ACG Toronto Capital Connection, Jennifer Fondrevay and moderator Alan Litwack discuss the role of Former Rock Stars in post-M&A deals.

“In my case in mergers and acquisitions, I frequently was seeing rock star performers stumbling after the the deal had been announced. And in that post-integration, because the metrics have to change, they change almost overnight. And you can have a rock star who can’t pivot with those changes, who is stuck, who has done very well with those past success metrics, but can’t pivot and move. They’re used to doing sales one way and they flounder….But what we see repeatedly happen is when the metrics for success change, new rock stars can rise, new people can be contributors, and you’ve spent all of your energy focused on, on on an individual or a team.”

Listen to hear Alan’s a-ha moments on how Former Rock Stars are critical champions for the team during the M&A process.