Accelerate Productivity Through Your Mergers and Acquisitions by Redefining Day One

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When pursing an M&A deal, you want motivated, focused and aligned employees all pulling in the same direction after the transaction closes. Too often this is not the case because the “people part” is not a priority in the beginning.

Our approach focuses on the people problems that most firms ignore.
Our Focus: Accelerating productivity in mergers and acquisitions by redefining Day1.

Day1 is not the day an M&A deal is announced, it’s the day it becomes a consideration. The Day1 Ready™ approach looks at M&A in three phases, beginning the moment an M&A idea crosses your mind. We prepare your organization for what’s to come and the framework you need to get the most out of your people involved.

Most firms focus on the integration of functions, but the real key is integrating the people.

Where are you in the process of your M&A deal?
Let’s keep it moving, let’s make it move faster and let’s get your people onboard.


The Day1 Ready™ sweet spot? The moment M&A becomes a consideration – the LOI/due diligence phase. From the beginning, it’s about setting clear people expectations for M&A success.

We facilitate senior leadership discussion, defining the desired future state (DFS) of the company, determining the strategies to achieve the objectives while gaining alignment around what success looks like for your people.

The Day1 Ready™ approach accelerates productivity and your deal success by:

  • Identifying the work force challenges
  • Defining the communication cadence: what, when, and how to say it
  • Developing an action plan to guide and empower managers on execution
  • Creating a culture integration plan that energizes and galvanizes your teams

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